Brand management leads to change agent
We've been in business for ten years and over that time, we discovered that every branding exercise, whether it'd be a creation of a simple logo to a full-blown strategic branding and marketing launch, all resulted in motivating and repositioning staff. We focus not just on imagery and marketing materials. We pay particular attention to individuals so they become reacquainted and enthused with their company's new brand. So our branding approach becomes the change agent companies long for all the while delivering results.
Recent examples​
For Georgia's Division of Aging Services, TDMi has provided outsourced marketing services that have included brand creation, media planning and purchasing, and multiple messaging executions in print, online and by video. This has led to dramatic increase in customer queries and legislative funding.
For Georgia's Division of Child Support Services, TDMi was engaged in department- wide brand awareness exercise that brought together multiple departments for the greater good of their operations. Through multiple interviews and the creation of a white paper that described this division's mission and culture, resulted in bridging internal gaps. This led to more proactivity and a better response for Georgia's residents grappling with child support issues.
For the DeKalb Board of Health, tdeferiamedia created a look and feel for an important initiative aimed at "at-risk" youth resulting in a new logo, a new name and outreach to area partners that provided a marketing tool kit. 
Our deep drill branding exercises have resulted in staff reorganization to  maximize efficiency and position talent more effectively, production gains have resulted in millions of dollars saved through new systems creations, man-hour savings and technological advancement and development that improved productivity. Our work has also created new products, new advertising and incremental revenue generating opportunities for these clients.
We've created brands from scratch to include sales strategies supported by collateral, and web-based systems that has broadened reach of multiple clients. From video creation, to strategic planning, tdeferiamedia has provided consistent marketing maintenance to multiple retail operations, to include the creation of
e-commerce websites and sales initiatives.
We provide outsourced web and mobile platform development and monthly maintenance. We leverage our deep relationships with digital partners netting our clients reliable web development.
Collectively, tdeferiamedia offers extensive experience through its cadre of professional consultants, each expert in their own field. From writers to editors, designers, translators and videographers, we serve a general marketing contractor for a  multitude of clients.